Seeking to be the People of God for the People of Chase

Seeking to be the People of God

for the People of Chase

Thursdays 7pm
Physical Gathering
Move Inside October 4
Wednesdays 7:30pm

Study Colossians and gain truth of who Christ is so as not to be deluded or deceived. Starting Sept 24 at the church or online via Zoom.


Workbooks are $20.25 + shipping
Contact Trish Garland email or call/text 250.819.3037

Our board has approved protocols for re-opening so that we may begin gathering inside again. This experience will not be normal, it will take getting used to.

We believe that God is all powerful and loving and that he calls us to love our neighbour and we can show our neighbours love by working to protect them from COVID-19

Effective October 4, 2020


Do not come to the church building if you are sick with any COVID-19, Flu-like, or common cold symptoms. If you are visibly not well you will not be permitted to enter (you may however visit our website or Facebook page for sermon audio or a video stream of our gathering).


Plan to arrive early and gather outside the church front doors, maintaining physical distancing, and wait to be admitted to the church building. Dress for the weather for the time you will be waiting to enter the church building.  Consider waiting in your vehicle until the entrance is clear during inclement weather.


As the church will have an increase in ventilation there may be drafts and changes in temperature - please dress with this in mind. Also, you will need to take all your layers of clothing with you to your seat - the coat rack will not be available. The ceiling fans in the sanctuary will not be used in order to decrease swirling air currents which may result in the floor area being quite cool.


Face masks are required and must be worn at all times - covering the mouth and nose. Please wear your own mask, however Chase EFree will provide a disposable mask if you don’t have one. When wearing a disposable mask - the blue side faces out and the metal nose band must be form fitted to the nose and upper cheeks. We intend to sing while wearing our masks; however, if this makes you uncomfortable you don’t need to sing but are still required to wear your mask.


As the sanctuary needs to be filled in a manner that is safe for all participants, an usher will ensure you are seated in the correct order and position.  At the end of the service the usher will release rows of seating in a specific pattern to provide maximum physical distancing and decrease congestion.


When entering the church building:

  1. Don face mask covering both the mouth and nose

  2. Use hand sanitizer (hand sanitizer station)

  3. Register for contact tracing

  4. Use hand sanitizer again (hand sanitizer station)

  5. Try not to touch any surfaces on the way to your seat

  6. Proceed immediately and directly to your seat under the direction of the usher. Please do not move the furnishings which have been set for physical distancing for singles, couples and families.


If you need to use the washroom:

  1. Use hand sanitizer as you pass through the foyer

  2. Touch only required surfaces on route to the washroom

  3. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the washroom

  4. Use hand sanitizer again as you pass through the foyer


At the end of the service you will be directed on the plan for exiting the building in a systematic way to limit congestion. When exiting the building use hand sanitizer as you pass though the foyer and wear your mask until you are outside the building. After removing your mask, you should use your personal hand sanitizer to clean your hands.


While we can’t socialize inside the church building – this won’t be forever.  Please feel free to socialize outside while maintaining physical distancing.


High touch point cleaning is an important part of managing the spread of contagions. The Board has a plan for high touch point cleaning before and after services.


We are taking these actions for your protection because we care about you.


Board of Directors, Chase Evangelical Free Church

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